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Jessica is a phenomenal speech therapist, who has a lovely way of connecting with children and helping them meet their Speech goals.  My daughter started with her when she was three years old, having exhibited significant speech delays.  Her speech needs mostly stemmed from articulation issues: with sound substitutions, deletions, and distortions leading her speech to be garbled and often unintelligible.  That said - after a year with "Miss Jessica," she made substantial gains, increasing her speech intelligibility and ultimately - her confidence.  Jessica always found a way to make learning sounds fun (even virtually!), and had incredible patience with an active and silly three/four year old girl.  We will forever be grateful for all that Miss Jessica has done to support our daughter's speech journey.  She truly is the best!!!

Jessica K.

Jessica is a truly one of a kind feeding therapist, but even more special about her, is the person she is.  Her empathy and compassion for working with families and their children is unique and a true gift!  She knows how to see all the small steps to reach the bigger goals of helping children.  My son received feeding therapy from Jessica for almost 2 ½ years and she never stopped trying to help him reach his goals.  His situation was a complicated one at best, but she never faltered.  Her mentality was always to keep researching and learning and finding a way to make a difference.  Because of her dedication, Jessica found a way to help our son, which even surprised doctors as they were at a loss of what to do.  Jessica will never give up on your child, or you as the parent, and the heights your child will reach are remarkable!  She not only worked with my son, but she loved him and cherished his progress and who he was as a person, even celebrating his successes outside of feeding therapy.  My son had to put in hard work, but because of the relationship and caring exuded from Jessica, he was sincerely eager every time she was working with him; he couldn’t wait to see her! Jessica also has an uncanny ability to allow the parents to feel secure in taking risks because of the manner in which she works with the parents, which then allows the child to benefit as it is an interconnected relationship.  There is no other way to say it, but Jessica has changed our son’s life and simultaneously ours! She is a one-of-a-kind human being and her career as a feeding therapist is not a job, but rather a calling!


I would like to begin by stating that Jessica has played a large part in my daughters journey.  My daughter has quite a few challenges and one crucial one was eating. She had low muscle tone and acid reflux among other difficulties.  Jessica was our feeding therapist for 3 years and helped us on our feeding journey.  From mashed potatoes to meats and everything in between, she was there every step of the way.  My daughter loved FaceTiming her and she always took the extra time to talk me through some of the difficulties I was having from a parents perspective. She taught my daughter how to be comfortable with different foods even if she didn’t want to try them.  She also taught me how to take a step back and let my daughter explore new foods and feed herself, even if she struggled. 

We have since graduated from feeding therapy and a lot of our original concerns have been put to rest.  We still continue to use techniques that Jessica taught us along the way.   Jessica is kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable in her field.  In addition, she is highly responsive and always returns emails and texts promptly.  We had a very good experience working with her.  We highly recommend Jessica to any family whom has a child that struggles with feeding/speech.  Good luck on your journey!


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