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Jessica Alberto is the owner of a private speech and feeding therapy practice in Putnam County, New York. She received her Masters of Science degree at Mercy College in 2015 and is a board-certified Speech Language Pathologist.

Jessica provides an array of comprehensive services within the field and is licensed in both NY and CT.

Jessica currently resides in Brewster, NY with her husband and two little boys! Family means everything to her, so she enjoys spending time together. You can find her enjoying the outdoors, cooking, singing and dancing! 

She always had a special connection to children and through her years as a Speech Language Pathologist she discovered her passion to work exclusively with young children and their families. Jessica is a firm believer in early intervention. She is fascinated with how young children learn and promotes family-centered and play-based therapy approaches. Children learn through play and what better way to watch them grow then while having lots of fun at the same time!

In addition to treating communication disorders, Jessica specializes in assessing and treating pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. A pediatric feeding disorder is when a child has impaired oral intake that is not age appropriate and can be associated with a medical condition, nutritional status, the child's feeding skills, and/or psychosocial dysfunction such as food aversions. It is often found that more than one of these areas contributes to the child's feeding difficulty, which is why it is so important to understand the "whole" child and collaborate with a team that includes other medical professionals to best support the child and their family.

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